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Is your office prepared for a tech disaster?

Is your office prepared for a tech disaster?

There is a lot that can go wrong with your network. There could be a storm that knocks the power out, and one or all of your servers may fail to kick back on with the generators. Or maybe that storm floods your office and physically damages your servers. There’s also the presence of web-based threats. All it takes is one employee clicking the wrong email attachment for your whole network to come down with a nasty malware infection.

In some of these scenarios, you’ll be just fine with on-site backups. But some disaster events, like fires and floods, are characterized by such extreme physical damage to your office that on-site backups are destroyed in addition to all the data they were supposed to protect.

What would you lose if your on-site backups failed during a disaster event?

  • We’ve got you covered: our off-site backups will limit downtime and keep your operations going with minimal disruption regardless of the disaster. Move your backup systems and files to the cloud and everything can be restored remotely.
  • Access anywhere: with the cloud, you can access your backup storage from anywhere with an internet connection instead of being tied down to the office.
  • Granular recovery: It doesn’t take a complete disaster for managed cloud backup to be useful. Extreme weather and international cybercriminals that wreck your whole infrastructure are exciting, but it’s much more likely that you’ll need backup because you accidentally deleted a single file. We are constantly updating your backup images, so you can recover an accidentally deleted file with just minutes of progress lost.

Our managed cloud backup service provides peace of mind. You can be confident that even in a crisis your most sensitive files will remain unharmed.

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