Trendy Lifestyle Brand Outgrows The “Do It Yourself IT” Stage

BX Sports Inc. is a large retail company with eight stores across the Bronx, and New Jersey.

They have built an outstanding reputation for providing high quality lifestyle footwear, clothing and accessories within these communities.

Patty Berhau is the Controller at BX Sports, and a valued client of {company}. In the following, she will elaborate on her experience working with {company} for all of her IT needs.

Never Pull A Loose Thread

BX Sports very quickly grew from three to eight stores, and were facing difficulties in terms of maintaining their software updates and overall network. Up until now, they were using a “Do it yourself” approach to sustaining their IT requirements. Common issues that would arise prior to the entrance of {company} include:

• Virus infected PC’s
• Internet issues
• Printing errors

“We depend on our POS and computers to make sales and receive inventory on a daily basis; if our computers are not working up to par, we can lose sales and customers. We needed a solution to ensure that everything was up and running smoothly.” Says Berhau.


Our solution for BX Sports included the implementation of several on going services that would proactively protect and strengthen their network. {company} ensures that the clients computer software is always up to date – we also maintain a fast response time to any issues that may arise. We aim for professionalism in every aspect of our business operations.

“As I came on board at BX Sports and saw the need for more sophisticated IT support, I immediately contacted {company} as I had already had the pleasure of working with them at my prior job. I had already experienced their amazing work and professionalism, and I knew that their team of experts would be the best solution to make sure our company was being taken care of.” Explains Berhau.

Are You Cut From A Different Cloth?

We are pleased to say that BX Sports’ network is always up to date and all of their problems have been extinguished in a timely manner – we ensure that their IT system runs smoothly on a constant basis.

“I would most definitely recommend {company}, as I already have in the past. {company} is proactive and lets me know what I need to do to ensure that our network works seamlessly and efficiently before issues arise. Also, I am able to get answers to all and any questions I may have in a timely manner – even such information that needs to be researched. They always go above and beyond.” Says Berhau.

She continues by saying,

“The level of efficiency, knowledge and fast response at {company} is beyond any I have experienced with other IT companies in the past.”

Do you need an IT team with fast response time and provide high quality work?

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