Windows 10 is Finally Here! Have You Made the Switch to the Latest OS Yet?

Today, on July 29, 2015, Microsoft has finally released its latest OS, Windows 10. Have you made the switch to the latest OS yet? If not, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you determine application compatibility before upgrading, in order to ensure the smoothest possible upgrade process. This is the last full overhaul from Windows – and we look forward to helping you take advantage of it.

For many individuals, the release is extremely welcome as Windows 10 makes their user experience fantastic through tons of great new features, including the following:

  • The start menu: The start menu returns – offering a button on the bottom left of the screen where the menu traditionally was, however, now the start menu opens to show pinned and most-used apps.
  • Multiple desktops: A multiple desktop feature was added to let you setup a virtual desktop for running programs. Essentially, you’re able to run another set of windows without having another physical monitor.
  • A new browser: Microsoft Edge, the innovative new browser, lets you write, type, or even draw on pages and share pages with others while you’re browsing the web.
  • Cortana on desktop: A voice controlled digital assistant has been added to help you better interact and leverage your device – searching files, opening photos, and launching applications with the sound of your voice.
  • And much more!

Windows 10 is innovative, exciting, and best of all, productivity boosting. Contact {company} at {phone} or send us an email: {email} for more information or help upgrading

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